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Waste Free Parties stock a variety of reusable and unbreakable tableware to suit a range of budgets and event styles. There's no need to worry about the mess either as we will wash all items after your party for no extra charge! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Our composting service for all food waste is available free of charge when hiring any plate set.

Tableware: Rentals


20cm side plate: $0.50 per plate
28cm dinner plate: $0.65 per plate

These bamboo plates have the look of ceramic plates but are light and unbreakable. They are not flimsy like disposable plastic plates making them much easier for your guests to use at barbeques and cocktail functions that are not sit-down events. Being made from bamboo, these plates will be compostable when they reach the end of their life. Their durability makes them ideal for children or for outdoor entertaining. 

The 20cm side plates are perfect for children's parties or events where only a small meal, nibbles or desserts are served. The 28cm dinner plate would be suitable for events where a main meal is served or for use as share platters.

We have 100 x 20cm plates and 100 x 28cm plates in stock.



Children's plates: $0.35
Dinner plates: $0.40

Children's Plates: Our large range of children's melamine plates consists of a mismatched collection of brightly coloured kids themes and patterns. They are excellent for children's birthday parties as it makes it easy for the kids to remember which plate was theirs!

Do you have little one's that don't like their food to touch? We also have a number of melamine divided plates within this collection.

We have 50 x children's plates in stock.

Dinner Plates: Our melamine dinner plates are larger than the children's plates and suitable for an adult meal. We currently have a set of 6 white plates, as well as 10 additional mismatched patterned plates in stock.



$0.50 per tumbler

These beautiful tumblers look just like glass but are actually unbreakable polycarbonate! A stylish alternative to disposable plastic cups, while still being safe for little one's. These tumblers are perfect for every event.

We have 50 tumblers in stock.

black tumblers.jpg


$0.40 per tumbler

Hosting a small dinner party or brunch with family? Perhaps you are having a few adult guests at your children's party and want something other than the mismatched plastic cups for them? We have one set of 8 of these transparent black plastic tumblers that are just right for the job!

We have 10 tumblers in stock.

plastic cups.jpg


$0.35 per cup

Our large range of reusable plastic cups consists of a mismatched collection of items in bright colours. They look great paired with the mismatched melamine plates, creating a fun, party atmosphere. The range of colours and patterns also make it easy for your guests to remember which cup was theirs.

We have 30 cups in stock.

coffee mug.jpg


$0.50 per mug

If a coffee or tea is an essential part of your family gatherings then these mugs are for you! These cream bamboo mugs perfectly match the bamboo side plates and dinner plates creating a consistent theme for your event. Just like the bamboo plates, these mugs are compostable at the end of their life. A set of teaspoons can also be included at no extra cost.

We have 20 mugs in stock.

wine glasses.jpg


$0.60 per glass

These polycarbonate wine 'glasses' look just like glass, but are unbreakable! They are perfect for outdoor entertaining, parties by the pool and any event where broken glass would be a concern.

We have 100 x wine glasses and 50 x champagne flutes in stock.

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